The Chromatic Artworks of Brad Wreyford

Start Date: April 6, 2018, End Date: May 3, 2018
Starting Time:

The artworks of Brad Wreyford, Fine Arts Coordinator and Art & Design Faculty of ASMSA,   is on display at Kollective Coffee+Tea from April 6 to May 3, 2018. The artist reception will be during April’s Gallery Walk, April 6, 5-7pm. Come and enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee or tea while viewing these colorful pieces. Kollective Coffee+Tea is Hot Springs’ very own 3rd wave coffee+tea house. Specializing in organic and local products, breakfast, brunch, sandwiches and vegetarian fare.

Brad Wreyford was raised in the industrial South were he remembers his grandfathers working in the paper mill and spending their days off working in their fields gardening. He states, “

Gardening was my initial artistic activity. I remember how straight those rows were!  The varying shades of mustard, collard, and turnip greens against burnt ochre earth and the brightness of peppers and sliced melons were some of my first chromatic experiences.”

His artist statement states, “

I began making art in my early twenties. My path was set to be a mathematician or an engineer, but my hands felt left out. I have a love of materials, needing to get my hands dirty. This curiosity has developed my skills in welding, woodworking, and painting. There has always been within me the need to doodle and twiddle with any available material.  Consequently, art is a form of journaling for me. The work I produce reflects all facets of my psyche, usually in complicated layers of chronology. I am of the mind that the best artists are those who are always seeking new experiences. I cannot create on an empty tank. The pain and joy of new visual and emotional discovery charge the creative battery inside me.

Currently, I am processing what it means to be a father. I am fascinated with the mental and motor development of my children. In their world everything is new, flat, and unexplored. Only the brightest colors and most engaging machinations will hold their attention. There is complete uncertainty and complete security in their lives. It is my goal to create and explore with the same fearlessness and curiosity; to unlearn the mystery and secrets of life; to grow young in my perceptions. Tripping over toys, putting on p-j’s, and watching Curious George are the sources of my visual information. When I think about how they see the world I encounter a refreshing flatness and simplicity that allows for new discovery and re-discovery of that which I ignore daily.

I am proudly the Fine Arts Coordinator and Art and Design Faculty at the Arkansas School of Math, Science, and the Arts in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  This institution is very supportive of art and design as integral facets of all learning, encouraging our students to stay curious and never stop creating.”

Location: Kollective Coffee+Tea
110 Central Ave
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901