Chalk Walk

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Chalk Walk: A Sidewalk Chalk Event

Saturday, May 1st from 8:30 AM to 12 PM, the Cultural Alliance will hold our annual sidewalk chalk
event during Arts & The Park- Art Springs. This is a free, judged sidewalk chalk event for students in
grades kindergarten through twelfth grades. Judging will take place between 12- 1:30, with winners
announced at the Art Springs stage at 1:30 PM. The event will take place on the sidewalks adjacent to
Hill Wheatley Plaza in Hot Springs, AR.
Students will be divided into the following divisions:
K-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12
Prizes will be given to the winner selected from each division, along with one prize for the overall
People’s Choice Award.
There will be a creative expression area for children Pre-K and under with adult supervision.
1. Teams should consist of 2-5 students.
2. Team sponsors must obtain parental permission for each student and show permissions on day of event.
3. Artist teams may use a drawing or photo from which to base their art.
4. Designs must fit within the 4’x4’ designated sidewalk square provided.
5. Chalk will be provided by the organizers, however students may bring additional chalk.

6. Only non-oil based washable chalk may be used in your design. No acrylic paints, liquid pastels, oil-based
pastels, etc. will be allowed.
7. Designs must be “family friendly.” No nudity or sexually suggestive art. No gang-related art. No art
depicting violence, racism, or other characterization deemed inappropriate.
8. All materials brought by the artist teams shall be removed from the event premises at the end of art
Day of the Event
There will be no parking at Hill Wheatley Plaza. There will be street parking for cars; however, buses will
need to park near the convention center, Bank of the Ozark Arena and students will need to walk to Hill
Wheatley Plaza.
1. The Sponsors of each pre-registered team must sign in at the Registration Table in Hill Wheatley Plaza,
8:30 AM – 8:45 AM. Sponsors must show signed permission slips.
2. Sponsors will receive team numbers, student ID tags, chalk, sidewalk square assignment and a People’s
Choice Award bucket. Each participating student shall wear ID on his or her back.
3. Artists may begin drawing at 9 am.
4. Drawings must be finished at 12 PM. If not finished, all drawing activity must end and the art will be judged
as is.
5. Lunch is “on your own”. There will be food trucks at Art Springs. There is limited seating but there are grassy
areas around the festival grounds.
6. Judging will occur between 12-1:30 PM.
7. Awards will be announced @ 2:00 PM on the Art Springs stage. Teams are encouraged to be present for the
award announcements.
Additional things to consider bringing:
Approved chalk
Trash bag for waste
Drinking water for team members
Canopy in case of rain


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