Chicago Style

Artist Name: John Goodwin
Title of Artwork: Chicago Style!
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Bio:
John Goodwin studied art and graphic design at Louisiana Tech University, lives
in Little Rock and prefers to work in acrylics. His main subject matter is music ,
but he also enjoys painting cultural symbols, Louisiana life, and other colorful
subjects of all kinds. He loves the blues and is the official 2021 and 2022 artist
for the King Biscuit Blues Festival, the 2022 Delta Roots Music Festival, and has
one of his works on permanent display in the Delta Cultural Center in Helena.

Artist Statement:
Fun, colorful, culinary creations always give me energy, strength, and inspiration. One of my favorite cities in the country takes the simple all-American hot dog and embellishes it in such a way to reflect the culture of it’s European immigrants, which makes it a unique thing of beauty unto itself. It’s known everywhere else as Chicago Style.

Artist Contact Info: