Hot Springs

Artist Name: Bethannie Newsom Steelman
Title of Artwork: Hot Springs
Medium: Mixed media on panel

Artist Bio:
Bethannie Newsom Steelman is a self taught artist who has been making stuff and doing things in Hot Springs, AR and beyond since 1977. In addition to painting, large and small, she creates many forms of design, including weaving, landscape, installation, zine making, illustration, sculpting, lettering, street, circus, collage, interior, exterior, and costuming too. Everything she makes is done with aesthetic intent.

Artist Statement:
Our creative roots are often centered around places and people that hold special meaning for us.

This painting series showcases beautiful women superimposed over a map of a city. When I think of certain cities I think of travel, home, adventures, and the people you will find there. Some cities will bring a strong image of a mother, a lover, a child, a friend, or something special that happened there that is burned into your memory and always comes back to mind when you see or hear that name. Travel often takes me back to my roots and those memories, and sometimes travel creates new experiences that will be remembered for many years.

Artist Contact Info: