Soul Light Discovered in DNA

Artist Name: Bella Grace
Title of Artwork: Soul Light Discovered in DNA
Medium: Photography

Artist Bio:
Bella Grace is founder and CEO of Sacred Light Media. She has pioneered
a revolutionary new field of scientific development, documenting the inter-relatedness of mind, body spirit – never before seen, only dreamed of through art, literature and religion, psychology, science and medicine.
She spent thirty years researching DNA, creating a custom designed Bio-Active Microscope with a unique technical research camera to capture of essence of light at the molecular level. No colorization or creative editing has been applied. Each image is presented as recorded from DNA.

Artist Statement:
Great art speaks to us ~ with wisdom and authority to what is eternal in the human condition. True art inspires us towards our ideal aspirations because it’s in our DNA to explore the unknown, to ask questions, to understand who and what we are.
This iconic DNA research imagery is hope for the 21st Century.The research shows us true beauty – the essence of Divine Soul Light which flows through the rivers of our veins, created anew with every passing thought, emotion, feeling and belief. Peace is within you. This is Grace pure and simple. May you Remember.

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