The Banjo Lesson

Artist Name: Eli Vega
Title of Artwork: The Banjo Lesson
Medium: Photograph

Artist Bio:
Eli Vega, born in a railroad boxcar, offers a variety of classes and workshops, is an award-winning photographer and author, and provides photographic services to the hospitality industry and other businesses. His work has appeared on postcards, calendars, magazines, and tourism publications.

Artist Statement:
This photographic image is part of my 2-year project, “Renditions of Famous Paintings.” It’s my rendition of Henry Ossawa Tanner’s painting, “The Banjo Lesson”. It depicts/represents the historic racial culture of Arkansas and the south—a way to make life feel just a little easier, through music. I take an artistic approach to my photography. I don’t see with my eyes; I see with my imagination. By doing so, I can see something before I see it, which helps me to make the common, uncommon; the mundane, insane. I translate feelings and moods into my photo images.

Artist Contact Info: