Warm California Sun

Artist Name: Hugh Dunnahoe
Title of Artwork: Warm California Sun
Medium: Oil
Size of Artwork: 24” x 18”

Artist Bio:
Hugh Dunnahoe began painting during his professional career in illustration and graphic design, a discipline that has taught him that all visual art is, at its core, communicating with images. Comfortable working in all mediums, his painting preference is oil. He currently works and offers instruction at his Arkansas studio near Hot Springs National Park. Dunnahoe has taught Graphic Design and Illustration at Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University, Arkansas, and was 2009 Artist In Residence at Hot Springs National Park.

Artist Statement:
They were out there having fun in the warm California sun. And Henry Glover wrote a song about it. He was born in Hot Springs in 1921, far from the west coast, but in 1963 everyone on the beach was dancing to his hit, California Sun.