Printing Guidelines & Sign-Up

Please join us for Arts & The Park’s 2nd annual Steamroller Print Event, held during Art Springs on April 28, 2024, from 12pm-done. The steamroller print event is organized by Hot Springs Area Cultural Alliance in collaboration with Emergent Arts and Aitoh Specialty Paper. All prints will be displayed at the printing event and later exhibited at Emergent Arts. Participants will supply their own wood block that will be inked and printed under the drum of a 2-ton steamroller.


When: Sunday, April 28, 2024
Registration: Use form at the bottom of this page
Where: Hill Wheatley Plaza, 605 Central Ave

Cost: There is no cost to participate however we do require all registrants to help out the day of for the entirety of the event, and each participant must agree to display their work at Emergent Arts.
Print Theme: Under Pressure (Please keep your blocks family-friendly.)
Printing Time: Beginning at 12pm, Blocks will be printed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Block/Image Size: 30”x48” or 24”x36”
  • Block Thickness: Must be 3⁄4 inches
  • Block Condition: Blocks must be sealed with shellac or polyurethane and dry at least 24 hrs before event. Particles from unsealed blocks and wet shellac or polyurethane ruin the ink and brayer. Unsealed and wet blocks will not be printed.
  • Each block will be printed once; twice, time permitting
  • The Artist may not clean the ink off their block at the event: Contractor bags will be provided for easy transport of inked blocks. Please remove your block by the end of the event.
  • Ink and paper will be provided as well as limited cleaning supplies. Please bring any additional supplies for your personal needs.
  • Help is welcome and much appreciated!
  • Artists may not sell their print during the event.
  • Questions? email

If you are having problems filling out this form, please contact:

Under Pressure
This info is optional

The maximum number of participants for this event is 30
Space remaining: 14
Cost: Free

Only 1 woodcut per person

You need to agree to all conditions before you will be able to submit your entry.

I have to sign up for the workshop at Emergent Arts on March 12, 2024 at – – and that signing up for this workshop is separate from signing up to participate in the Under Pressure event.
To have my artwork, that was printed at the Under Pressure event, displayed at Emergent Arts for the May 3 Gallery Walk.
That in exchange for free printing of my art at the Under Pressure event, I will volunteer to help with set-up, event stations, and cleanup as directed by Under Pressure staff/leadership.
That the printing area and stations are limited to printing artists participating in the Under Pressure event only. Friends, family, children, and visitors MUST watch from the designated spectator area. No children will be allowed in the printing area and all children must have adult supervision in the designated spectator area.