Buck Canyon

Artist Name: Eli Vega
Title of Artwork: Buck Canyon
Medium: Photography

Artist Bio:
Eli Vega is a highly-published, award-winning photographer based out of Hot Springs. He has authored two photography books: Right Brain Photography and Renditions of Famous Paintings. Eli teaches several ZOOM classes throughout the country, does photography for the hospitality industry, schedules family portraits, and sells his fine art prints. His photography has appeared in postcards, advertisements, journals, magazines, and national calendars.

Artist Statement:
I got up at 4:30 am in order to be at this spot in Canyonlands National Park in southern Utah, boy was I glad I did. I had scoped this out the day before, so I knew that if it looked great in the middle of the day, it had to look awesome early in the morning—and it did! The sensation I got when I looked out at that scene was both serene and surreal.

Artist Contact Info: