The Watcher

Artist Name: Molly Baldwin
Title of Artwork: The Watcher
Medium: Watercolor

Artist Bio:
Molly Baldwin has lived in Hot Springs for more than 10 years. She received her degrees in horticulture and art from Stephen F Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. She owns Clear Creek Gardener, a plant nursery, where she specializes growing cacti, succulent, and perennials. Clear Creek Gardener is located on a homestead where Molly raises chickens and dairy goats whose milk she uses to experiment in making cheese. Molly’s art includes watercolor and pottery. She creates greeting cards and coffee mugs which she sells at the Hot Springs Farmers Market along with her plants.

Artist Statement:
Watching a flock of chickens is highly entertaining, especially when there is a rooster involved. Roosters guard the coop and watch over the hens in the flock. It’s a serious and important job. They send alerts when predators are nearby. They watch for bugs and worms, even offering them up as treats to the hens instead of indulging first. You don’t need an alarm clock, the rooster watches for the break of dawn and tells you when to rise. The beauty and character of a rooster moved to me to capture their beauty in this watercolor. “The Watcher” is an ode to the 1st and the most beautiful rooster ever cared for.

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